Several years ago I had the opportunity to have a water well drilled in memory of a good friend of mine who had passed away from complications after a single lung transplant. I contacted World Hope International and they were able to arrange for the well to be drilled since they have connections in Africa.

          After the well was in full operation I traveled to Africa, Duunka Zambia to be specific, to actually see the well site.  As I observed the villagers coming to draw water from the well I realized that this water was life to them. Previously they had to journey seven miles to a river to fill their containers with water and then travel back seven miles. I could not even imagine how difficult this was for them.

          Having a clean fresh water well so close to their village was truly a gift, one that keeps on giving. I will never fully understand how much this means to them, but I can say this, it blessed my heart to be able to do this for them.

          Ever since that time I have had the desire to drill more wells. We take clean fresh water for granted but in other countries, especially Africa, it is a treasure to the natives. I have the opportunity to start a non-profit foundation so that I can see my desire come into fruition. A portion of the profit from the business, Blessings by Design, will be donated to the Water for Life Foundation to drill water wells for the benefit of other villages.

          An additional aspect of this endeavor is to partner with other organizations and private sector individuals to become resources for this foundation; either in the form of monetary donations or donations of good used furniture to be re-purposed and sold to benefit water well projects.

          My personal philosophy in life is to bless others as I have been blessed. Becoming a channel for water well projects to be completed would give me great joy and would certainly bless the villagers as they have better access to fresh water near their villages. Please join me in this much needed mission.

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